POS system for iPad / tablet

Do you want a checkout system for iPad or Android? It has become very popular to use the iPad as a checkout system in various shops and restaurants. Our cash register system is online, you only need to install an app and you can therefore also use it on your iPad or other tablet. If you want to use an iPad as hardware for the cash register, we can set it up to function as a cash register. We install a receipt printer and you will be able to print receipts wirelessly.

sumup pos screen

Example of a checkout system for an iPad or Android (click to enlarge)

Free app

The app is free to download – we create a login for you immediately!

No subscription

There is no subscription to use the system. It only charges the transaction fees if you use the credit card reader.

Will the store open soon?

You can install the system yourself in a few minutes.

Free support

You get free telephone support, so you do not have to worry about the operation.

Cash register system for iPad offers many options

The solution with checkout system on iPad or Android is perfect for the small shop. In addition to using the iPad as a cash register, you can also use it for other things in the store. For example, you can use Spotify to play some mood music in the store, or surf the web and read some news when it’s quiet.

Move around

In addition, this solution has the smart feature that you can move around with the cash register in hand. For example, if you have a restaurant or cafe, you can even walk around and take orders directly on the iPad.

Smart solution

Many people think it is a stylish solution to use an iPad as a cash register, it decorates a bit in the store and seems a little more simple and minimalist. All versions of iPads work, and other Android tablets, such as those from Samsung or Huawei, are also compatible. Since the cash register system is independent of which device you use, you can even access it using your smartphone.

Cheap card reader and low fees

For the cash register system, you can buy a card reader for a cheap price. Fees are by default 1.69 percent – and feel free to tell us how much your monthly turnover is, then we can probably give you some lower fees.

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