Barcode Scanner


Barcodes are data codes that are readable by scanners. The codes are used for a wide range of organizational and financial applications. They are used to keep track of shipments, price for retail sales, manage financial documents and perform several logistical and organizational tasks. There is a large selection of barcode scanners. There are different types of barcode readers, each designed to meet specific information needs.


Barcodes have become so robust that scanners are extremely easy to read by the codes, which has made your phone also read the codes. There are various types of codes, with different dimensions. The codes in 2 dimensions are called Data matrix and QR, for which there is the completely standard bar code, which is a dimension.

Barcode scanner function

Barcode scanner is a necessity for most stores, it is an effective tool that can help make the whole process faster, thereby increasing productivity, which is positive for the business. Using the scanner, you can easily find all the data and information needed for each item. The scanner’s features can help you keep track of your stock items, which is beneficial to your inventory management. With this device, error detection is reduced and inventory management is improved.

The items below may need to be considered before you purchase a scanner:

  • What size should the scanner have?
  • How much should it weigh?
  • How portable should it be?
  • How robust should it be?
  • Is there a wish for the look?

As already mentioned, there are various types of barcode scanners, adapted to different needs, e.g. depending on industry and size. Generally, there are three types of scanners; Hand scanner w / cable, wireless hand scanner and table scanner. These include the four most general scanners, with an overall description each:

Hand scanner with connected cable

Cable hand scanner is the most widely used barcode scanner. The price of this scanner varies widely depending on the quality level and functionality. One of the many advantages of this scanner is that it is quite convenient and can easily be connected to a PC.

It is blue. dedicated to libraries and smaller kiosks.

It is important that you, before making a purchase, consider which functions are essential to you and your business. You need to evaluate whether it is enough if the unit can only scan a dimension (1D) or it is necessary for you to scan eg QR and Datamatrix codes which require a scanner that can read two dimensions (2D).

Wireless hand scanners

Wireless hand scanners are tailor-made for those who want to work several meters away from the PC and those who just want to get rid of the wires. The scanner often comes in a box with associated accessories, such as base station and a USB cable.

It is blue. dedicated to warehouse workers.

Wireless handheld with Bluetooth

This scanner is for you who are looking for an easily portable barcode scanner that you can have in your bag or pocket. It is a wireless scanner with built-in Bluetooth, which can easily be connected to tablets and smartphones, for this it can also be connected to a PC. The scanner can send the codes to any receiver with Bluetooth. In addition, it can read both 1D and 2D codes.

It is blue. dedicated company that makes sales that do not take place in a physical store or a store without a counter or table.

Table Scanner

The table scanner is for you who is looking for a barcode scanner that you can have standing on a table or a disk. The scanner is activated as soon as it detects a barcode.

This kind of scanner is among other things. dedicated to retailers.

Here it is also important to consider whether it is essential for you that the barcode scanner only reads 1D codes or it should be able to read 2D codes. The models in this category can easily be connected to a PC with a USB cable.