Company dog


Hi, my name is Nuser (which is Snoopy in English). I am a girl beagle born August 21st 2014.

Almost every day I drive to the office with my human. I love my job – I have lots of colleagues and lots of fun every time. Below I will try to show you what I do at Bizsys when I am there. As you can see I am quite busy…

Nuser Bizsys

One of my main tasks at Bizsys is to talk to people about POS systems. I try to cheer my colleagues up when they are bored – but as you can see it is hard work, and I usually also find time for a couple of naps during my work day.

personlig medarbejder

Lunch time!

I allways wake up before lunch. The sound of my colleagues in the kitchen and the smell of food is the best part of the day!

For some reason, which I don’t understand, I don’t get to bring my own lunch? And it is actually hard to get food from my co-workers – but I have been fast enough to get a taste quite a few times. This pizza for instance smelled very nice and it tasted even better.

Nuser Bizsys hund

When I am done trying to steal food from my colleagues, I often help with the dishes. This is one of my favorite activities in the whole world, and I can definitely recommend other beagles to try this!

My good friend “The postman”

One of my very best friends at work is the postman. He comes almost every day, and he brings me delicious treats.

I met him at the parking lot one day, and I was so happy to see him that I jumped into his van, which was filled with packages, to help him.

Once in a while I also help open packages, and as you can see below I am quite good at this….

company dog

Point of sale systems

What we do at Bizsys is that we play with something that my colleagues call point of sale systems. Sometimes they just say POS. I do not know what that stands for though?

I try to help where I can, when I am not taking a nap. Once upon a time I thought that you could eat a payment terminal, but it tasts really bad!

I like the paper a lot, but I still do not know why I had to try that annoying collar. They called it a barcode scanner. By the way for all my beagles out there: watch out for the cash drawers! They open up once in a while, and it seems very dangerous.

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