Company Pet

Why you should consider a pet at your workplace


There are many benefits of having a pet in a workplace. As an owner, you may think that it seems unprofessional to have a pet running around the office. However, having a pet in the workplace can help with employees’ level of productiveness and wellbeing, AAHA showcase this through their study.

Company pet

Here are some useful tips, if your company decides to become a pet-friendly work place:

  • The owner or the workers should continuously maintain the pet’s hygiene
  • It is important to keep the pet up to date on vaccinations and flea protection
  • If the pet is not feeling well or has an issue with its health, it should stay at home or stay away from the work area, if there are other pets, it could interact with
  • The new pet needs an introduction at the workplace, to do that effectively you need to introduce them slowly outside or in a neutral area
  • It will be most beneficial if all the workers would be a part of any essential training, so the pet gets a treat for great behavior
  • Remember to inform other employees about the pet´s habits
Nuser the company pet

About Bizsys

Briefly about Bizsys, which is a dog-friendly workplace, that have worked with online cash registers (POS systems), since 2012. They offer customized solutions for cash and financial systems, to help companies achieve the most efficient payment method. They have solutions for both small and big companies. Their system runs online through a web browser. This means that as an owner of a shop you can easily keep an eye on what is going and control your store even though you are not present at the time. It also means that the company’s support team can guide and help you, by logging on to your system, if that is needed.

Bizsys’ experience with pets in the work place

At Bizsys they have a four-year-old beagle named Nuser (which is Snoopy in English). Nuser will try to cheer the employees up or comfort them, when they seem drained or frustrated. Based on the 2017 BANFIELD Pet Hospital Pet-Friendly Workplace Pawrometer, it shows that 88% of employees at pet-friendly workplaces said that having pets at work improves sense of well-being and morale. Nuser also entertains employees, to loosen the mood whenever they look too stressed and that is hard work, so she usually takes a couple of naps during her work days. The survey shows that those small gestures have had a great impact on the workplace, 83% of employees stated that they feel it reduces stress and, 66% mentioned that it increases their overall productivity.

Nuser the beagle

Nuser’s favorite time of the day is lunch time because that is when the real mission begins, she tries to get a bite of the employees’ food and when she is fast enough, she achieves that, which can be entertaining at times. Nuser loves to entertain people and make them laugh, this gives a good work- life balance at Bizsys. One of her very best friends at work is the Mailman. He comes by almost every day, and he spoils her by bringing delicious treats. Sometimes she is so happy to see him that she jumps into his van to help him with all the packages.

As the survey shows and based on Bizsys’ experience with their company dog, you should highly consider having a company pet – 8 out 10 people say that it gives them greater company loyalty and improves their work relationship, which is essential to achieve a good work environment.

Nuser puts a smile on a lot of people’s faces and that is much appreciated. You can follow Nuser and all her shenanigans on her Instagram  @nuserthebeagle.